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    People Are Comparing The "Omicron Era" We're In To March 2020, And Yup, The Vibes Are Upsettingly Similar

    Tom Hanks announcement incoming in 3...2...1....

    Well, Omicron has arrived in the US.

    Several people wearing face masks standing in line for a Covid test

    And in the past day or two it's like a switch was suddenly turned.

    Twitter: @tanniesAssemble

    People are starting to feel a vibe.

    Starting to feel like March 2020 and I would rather not lose my mind.

    Twitter: @MarliArtiste

    A vibe we've felt before.

    This feels like March 2020 all over again. Knowing that the tidal wave is coming, but not being able to do anything about it. 😓 #Omicron #London #PlagueIsland

    Twitter: @keith_wilson

    It feels like March 2020 all over again.

    Twitter: @oldmexicomargs

    It's like Groundhog Day.

    Twitter: @cp303

    If you live in NYC, then you know that the lines for testing have been longer. 

    Broadway shows are being canceled.

    Feels like March 2020 the last couple days. 😭

    Twitter: @asunutgirl

    Basketball games have been postponed.

    The #Nets now have nine players out, seven of them for COVID-19 protocols. They have the minimum eight available, with Kevin Durant now listed as available.

    Twitter: @NYPost_Lewis

    NHL games too.

    🥺 I just hope everyone is okay at this point. Today feels like March 2020. 🙏

    Twitter: @marinemom34

    Some colleges are being moved to remote.

    2022 is already giving off strong March 2020 vibes and I don’t like it.

    Twitter: @nicolekwu

    Countries are imposing travel regulations.

    France is imposing strict travel restrictions for arrivals from the UK this weekend which is unable to control a sharp rise in Omicron cases. There are talks of a lockdown in the UK but nothing on cards yet. Seems like Europe is repeating March 2020 phase

    Twitter: @mhassankhan06

    Holiday parties are being canceled.

    just cancelled our work holiday dinner. my partner’s company cancelled theirs earlier today. feels like march 2020 and not like in a cool fun time travel way.

    Twitter: @harryxallie

    Soccer matches postponed.

    This feels like March 2020 all over again

    Twitter: @ReIvasss

    Social media is being inundated by people catching COVID.

    Someone needs to get me off NYC Covid Cases TikTok cause it’s giving me anxiety like it’s March 2020 all over again

    Twitter: @Abbyfaith15

    The holiday season is upon us.

    It feels very much like March 2020 again…

    Twitter: @JordonLee

    And with the holiday season, people are starting to leave the city.

    Omicron has landed and everyone I know is scrambling to leave NYC — feels like March 2020 again 😷 🦠 If you don’t know anyone who has it yet, give it 5 days

    Twitter: @McK_Parks

    We've been here before.

    NYC is giving me March 2020/“unprecedented times” vibes again…

    Twitter: @bsfromnyc

    At least we've figured out the whole toilet paper thing.

    Feels like March 2020 again not just because of covid risk but because I’m out of toilet paper

    Twitter: @tyrrrrrell

    We've perfected dalgona coffee.

    I feel like I need to make dalgona coffee and learn the renegade dance cause it feels like March 2020

    Twitter: @chxsingsunsetsx

    And Tom Hanks hasn't come out with COVID yet, so I guess that's a good thing.

    Remember, it’s not real til Tom Hanks gets omicron

    Twitter: @ivortossell

    Ultimately, with all these March 2020 vibes it's important to remember that we're in a completely different place!

    Thanks to vaccines, therapeutics, antibody prevalence, testing availability, and masking as a familiar social practice we are in much, much better shape than March 2020, and yet it still feels like people haven’t quite internalized the wave we’re probably about to go through.

    Twitter: @chrislhayes

    We actually have tools this time.

    it feels like March 2020 but it’s not. we have better tools/science no doubt. and what we really need now is every level of government to work together/collaborate with that same March 2020 energy.

    Twitter: @drandrewb

    There are vaccines.

    For those vaccinated but not boosted -- and it has been a few months since the last shot Or for those who recently recovered from infection That immunity will very likely provide substantial protection against severe illness The breakthroughs will be common but "mild"

    Twitter: @ashishkjha

    There are masks.

    Today feels like March 2020, with masks.

    Twitter: @rvanwylick

    I just wanted to make this post because if you're feeling these March 2020 vibes you're not alone.

    Sorry but real March 2020 vibes today

    Twitter: @samprkr

    We're all feeling it right now.

    is anyone else feeling major march 2020 vibes right now

    Twitter: @_harrybatt