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    Man Gets Kicked Out And Karate Chopped At A Kenny Chesney Concert Because He Looked Like Kenny Chesney

    The karate chop is the best part of this whole story.

    This is the real Kenny Chesney:


    This is the fake Kenny Chesney:

    This is a picture of the fake Kenny Chesney being karate chopped:

    Apparently Nathan Blankenship paid $200 for a floor ticket, but was forcibly told to leave when people started asking to take his picture. According to WKRN:

    "Next thing I know he grabs my ticket. He says, ‘Here, can I have your ticket?' I said here, here's my ticket and I just thought he was going to lead me back to my seat, which I would have been fine with, but he grabs me by the arm and starts pulling me up the walkway to the very top."

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