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19 Pictures That Prove Man Buns Have Gone Too Far

All men considering growing a man bun should read this before they make their choice.

1. This is a picture of what people with man buns think they look like:

2. Man buns are so prevalent and normalized that everyone thinks they can have one. Truth is, your man bun probably looks like the end of a tiny paintbrush...

If your "man bun" looks like the end of either of these, you're doing it wrong.

3. ... a palm tree...

4. ... or a trash bag.

5. Your man bun is not a man bun if it looks like that shrunken head guy from Beetlejuice!

6. The problem with the man buns nowadays is that the vast majority of guys with man buns look like Pebbles from The Flintstones...

I hope all the dudes with man buns know they look like Pebbles from the Flinstones #workthatupdo #TheMoreYouKnow

7. ... acorns...

More of y'all dudes need to stop and think before you think about rocking a man bun. Some y'all out here looking like

8. ... the nub on the end of an onion...

This is not now you're supposed to "man bun" please stop it right now

9. ... the back of this turkey's head...

Unt kids be like "man bun game strong"

10. ...or this guy's leg hair.

"@TheFunnyFml: Man bun game strong " this has gone too far hahahaha

11. If one must wear a man bun then make sure it's an actual bun and not a tiny lil' nubbin.

I think I found the worst man bun ever

12. This is not a man bun.

13. This is a "Man Grape."

man grape: [noun] 1. 4 cm of hair crammed into a tiny bun on top of a dude's head 2. a desperately attempted man bun

14. This just looks painful.

15. ?!??!?!

16. Basically, a man bun should not look like a bag of bread after you've taken a slice out of it.

17. A man bun should not look like the little girl's hair from Despicable Me.

18. If you're going to wear a man bun, follow this dog's lead:

Okay this man bun thing has gone too far

19. And if you must man bun, lord have mercy, don't wear a tiny fedora on it:

AND never, ever purchase a "clip-on man bun."

Oh c'mon now...this has gone too far #growyourown #isthislegal #fake #manbun #seriouslyrediculous

The end.