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Madonna's Daughter Joined Instagram And Immediately Started Dragging Madonna Fans, And They Are Absolutely Living For It

Like mother, like daughter.

Lourdes Leon (aka Lola) is somewhat a low-key legend, like a mythical creature of celebrity spawn.

Lourdes and Madonna posing for photos at an event
George Pimentel / WireImage / Getty Images

As the daughter of Madonna, she is practically royalty.

Lourdes in the front row of an awards show
Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

As my friend and colleague Brian said, "MTV covered her birth like it was the inauguration."

Madonna wearing a silk head wrap carrying a baby Lourdes in a blanket
Alberto Pizzoli / Getty Images

The now 24-year-old has had a pretty low profile for years, but it appears that could be changing.

Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

She magically appeared out of nowhere with a verified Instagram account.

Lourdes' bio picture is an image of RuPaul's Drag Race judge Michele Visage saying "No"

She has posted twice. This Juicy ad:

And this Adidas commercial:

But I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to talk about her dragging messy Madonna stans.

A commenter told Lourdes her mother "made a masterpiece called Hard Candy" to which she responded "your mother sucks wild dick"
Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

When this fan asked if she would have a music career, Lola replied that she would sing at their funeral.

Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

The fan loved it.

In response to being told Lourdes would sing at their funeral, the commenter posted "Cannot wait"
Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

This person made a comment about Lola thirst trapping, and Lola responded that they needed to wash their ass.

Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

They also loved it.

The commenter responded "OMG I'm Framing This"
Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

Lola dragged this fan's haircut.

Lourdes asked a commenter who asked about her mother's record deal about their ugly ass hair cut
Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

It made their day.

The commenter gamely replied "lol sis you didn't have to spill that hard [teacup, tea kettle, and laughing with tears emojis]
Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

Lola told this person they would amount to nothing.

The commenter had only asked "Remember playing the piano at Sticky & Sweet Tour" before getting dragged by Madonna's daughter
Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

It meant everything to them.

"omg two heart eyes emojis yaaaas queen"
Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

Basically, Lola has no time for nonsense.

Lourdes told one person they have no life after they displayed delight over being called a dumbass for trying to get a shoutout from Madonna
Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

Can't wait to see what she does next!

One person strongly suggested it was time she give away some Madame X Tour DVDs, but Lourdes thinks it's actually time to suck a dick
Lourdes Leon/ Instagram: @lourdesleon

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