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Madonna's Daughter Joined Instagram And Immediately Started Dragging Madonna Fans, And They Are Absolutely Living For It

Like mother, like daughter.

Lourdes Leon (aka Lola) is somewhat a low-key legend, like a mythical creature of celebrity spawn.

Lourdes and Madonna posing for photos at an event

As the daughter of Madonna, she is practically royalty.

Lourdes in the front row of an awards show

As my friend and colleague Brian said, "MTV covered her birth like it was the inauguration."

Madonna wearing a silk head wrap carrying a baby Lourdes in a blanket

The now 24-year-old has had a pretty low profile for years, but it appears that could be changing.

She magically appeared out of nowhere with a verified Instagram account.

Lourdes' bio picture is an image of RuPaul's Drag Race judge Michele Visage saying "No"

She has posted twice. This Juicy ad:

And this Adidas commercial:

But I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to talk about her dragging messy Madonna stans.

A commenter told Lourdes her mother "made a masterpiece called Hard Candy" to which she responded "your mother sucks wild dick"

When this fan asked if she would have a music career, Lola replied that she would sing at their funeral.

The fan loved it.

In response to being told Lourdes would sing at their funeral, the commenter posted "Cannot wait"

This person made a comment about Lola thirst trapping, and Lola responded that they needed to wash their ass.

They also loved it.

The commenter responded "OMG I'm Framing This"

Lola dragged this fan's haircut.

Lourdes asked a commenter who asked about her mother's record deal about their ugly ass hair cut

It made their day.

The commenter gamely replied "lol sis you didn't have to spill that hard [teacup, tea kettle, and laughing with tears emojis]

Lola told this person they would amount to nothing.

The commenter had only asked "Remember playing the piano at Sticky & Sweet Tour" before getting dragged by Madonna's daughter

It meant everything to them.

"omg two heart eyes emojis yaaaas queen"

Basically, Lola has no time for nonsense.

Lourdes told one person they have no life after they displayed delight over being called a dumbass for trying to get a shoutout from Madonna

Can't wait to see what she does next!

One person strongly suggested it was time she give away some Madame X Tour DVDs, but Lourdes thinks it's actually time to suck a dick