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    We Need To Talk About How "Love Actually" Has The Best Movie Soundtrack Ever

    Shut up and listen!

    Love Actually is one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time.

    It's a modern day Christmas masterpiece that, OK wait, I'm crying already.

    And if you disagree then you are a monster who can eat a piece of shit.

    Anyway, we know this movie is great. It's literally advertised as THE ULTIMATE ROMANTIC COMEDY. But there is one thing that is often overlooked.

    Sweeties, I'm talking about its beautiful soundtrack.

    The silent majority is finally starting to speak up.

    Hear us now: "Love Actually" is the greatest movie soundtrack of all time.

    Behold, this flawless 17 track album filled with holiday cheer.

    The movie literally turned Kelly Clarkson's "The Trouble With Love Is" into a Christmas song. An impact.

    It made me listen to Joni Mitchell for the first time.

    And it brought me back to Dido. One of the best songs on the soundtrack is "Here With Me." Mark (in the movie) is kind of a douche, but this scene paired with Dido's opus blasting in the background make me feel for him.

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    There's the gorgeous Norah Jones song "Turn Me On."

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    And don't lie, Billy Mack's "Christmas Is All Around" is a bop.

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    And that's not all.

    There's Olivia Olson's totally decent cover of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

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    Hugh Grant's interpretive dance to the Pointer Sisters "Jump."

    There's random songs from The Calling and pre-problematic Maroon 5.

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    And it gave the gays what they wanted with a Sugababes song.

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    Finally, the ending. Shit. This ending. The ending that made the Beach Boys relevant since the first time since the sixties or something. I lose it every time.

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    Haters will say otherwise, but Love Actually is the ultimate Christmas soundtrack.

    The movie made me believe in love again. The soundtrack made me believe in music again.

    Thank you for that.