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    Madonna's Daughter, Lourdes, Shared A Super-Rare Picture Of Her And Britney At The VMAs, And The Power This Photo Has Is Incredible

    We love an ally.

    Lourdes Leon (aka Lola) is, for some (especially for me), the god tier of celebrity spawn.

    Lourdes and Madonna posing for photos at an event

    She is, in a sense, the baby Jesus of 20th century celeb babies.

    Lourdes in the front row of an awards show

    As my friend and colleague Brian always says, "MTV covered her birth like it was the inauguration."

    Madonna wearing a silk head wrap carrying a baby Lourdes in a blanket

    Lourdes has had a relatively "normal" life, considering her profile. She has remained largely out of the spotlight until last year.

    madonna and lola in 2007

    Last year, Lourdes appeared out of nowhere with a verified Instagram account.

    Lourdes' bio picture is an image of RuPaul's Drag Race judge Michele Visage saying "No"

    Then she immediately started dragging Madonna fans.

    A commenter told Lourdes her mother "made a masterpiece called Hard Candy" to which she responded "your mother sucks wild dick"

    She went for the jugular.

    She wasn't having it from anyone.

    The commenter had only asked "Remember playing the piano at Sticky & Sweet Tour" before getting dragged by Madonna's daughter

    Even this person's mom was fair game.

    So yeah, Lourdes' debut on social media was a moment!

    One person strongly suggested it was time she give away some Madame X Tour DVDs, but Lourdes thinks it's actually time to suck a dick

    Since then, Lourdes has turned off the comments and kept a more traditional account.

    She's big into modeling now, so there's a lot of that.

    lourdes leon in robyn fenty

    But Lourdes went rogue with an Instagram story recently, revealing something a little more personal.

    lourdes at the Met gala closeup on her face

    I'm not sure if you know this, but Lourdes was part of this iconic 2003 VMA performance.

    You know this one?

    madonna and britney kissing

    Yup, she was the flower girl who opened the performance.

    lourdes being the flower the girl

    So, Lourdes posted on her stories a backstage pic — and honestly, I know we as gay people say "iconic" too much, but it's...iconic.

    Sooo cute!

    That frame? Very early 2000s relatable.

    And the message? The right side of history!

    Anyway, I need more behind-the-scenes info about your life, Lourdes. Leak some demos next!

    lourdes has her tongue out