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22 Things You Totally Forgot You Used To Do On Facebook

Two words: bumper stickers.

1. Facebook used to be a place where you could share your thoughts about things that actually mattered.

2. It was a place where you could share your feelings.

3. It was a place where you said shit that literally made no sense at all.


5. Remember bumper stickers?

Bumper stickers were like better versions of lame-ass memes that are all over Facebook nowadays.

Part of the fun was the search.

Part of the fun was the inside joke.

Bumper stickers BROUGHT US TOGETHER.

6. Speaking of bringing people together...

7. ...remember Facebook groups?

8. Remember all of those completely random groups you joined by the hundreds just because you were dumb and impressionable?

9. Like, why in the world did you join a group about two specific Tic-Tacs?!

10. Then there were Facebook notes...

11. ...Facebook flair...

12. ...and this weird chart thing where you tagged all your friends.

13. Remember how every day like eight people lost their phone and made a group about it?

14. When you used to make all of your friends your "family" members?

15. Or thinking people cared about your quotes?

16. The RUSH of taking someone's "wall virginity":

17. TBH and truth is?

18. ...or better yet, the truly iconic Doppelgänger Week.

19. And, finally, poking.

20. Before Tinder, there was THE POKE.

21. The poke was basically 50% of the function of Facebook. It's why you went online, it's what you did. You lived and breathed the poke.

22. Cherish the good times, people. We know what Facebook is like now. Who knows where we'll be five years from now.