I'm Pretty Sure You'll Love This Story About Someone Losing Their Prosthetic Ear On The Beach In Florida

    Who doesn't love a happy ending about a prosthetic ear?!

    They say stories about lost prosthetic ears always end badly*.

    But not this one!

    Someone found a prosthetic ear on the beach in Florida.

    The prosthetic ear was found in the sand on Anna Maria Island during the World's Strongest Man competition.

    The police got involved.

    This prosthetic ear was found at the public beach in Holmes Beach over the weekend and turned in to the police department. We are trying to locate the owner. Please call us at 941-708-5804 with any information. Thank you.

    The local news was on it.

    The search was FULLY ON.

    It only took a few days, but the owner of the ear has finally been found.

    Facebook: HolmesBeachPD

    Someone posted on Facebook that they knew who the ear belonged to and boom, THEY FOUND THEM.

    The ear belongs to a man in South Carolina and the Holmes Police Department will mail it to him.

    Anyway, people rejoiced, nice things were said, and people were actually happy for each other on Facebook (for once).

    I love hearing a happy ending.

    The end.