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    I Can't Stop Thinking About This Deleted Bebe Rexha Tweet

    Oh my dear lanta.

    FIRST OF ALL, this is for the Rexhars, the bad bitches, and the REAL BEBE REXHA FANS ONLY*.

    *JK, this is for everyone and will make you all laugh.

    ANYWAY, here's some context about Bebe Rexha for those who have never heard of this name before: Bebe Rexha is that person who sings that Florida Georgia Line song "Meant To Be." She has many bops, like "I've Got You," and no offense, but I think she is an underrated pop girl.

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    But we're not here to talk about her discography, we're here to talk about a lil' tweet that has since been deleted.

    Some person on Twitter asked this question:

    Then, Bebe replied with this:

    For emphasis:

    Wait, what? Let's think about it...

    1940 Paris was occupied by the Nazis.


    Can't stop thinking about Bebe Rexha in Nazi occupied Paris

    Luckily, Miss Bebe responded with this:


    In conclusion:

    reminder that the earth is approximately 4.543 billion years old, and humans have existed for at least 7,500 generations, and yet you're here reading this tweet and lucky enough to be alive at the same time as Bebe Rexha.