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Who Is The Hottest News Anchor Where You Live?

Suddenly I love the local news.

Hi BuzzFeed Community! We're currently looking to find the hottest news anchors around the world! Why? Because it's fun!

Literally the most handsome news anchor ever. @WhitNBCLA @WhitJohnsonFans @Lena_Poet

Maybe your hot anchorman is a weatherman...

Hello hot Welsh weatherman! Woof! Been watching #ManselDavies without subtitles, fun 😀

... or maybe he just sits behind the desk.

My local news anchor is hot. His name is Raphael. He left the sunshine state to report the news to me.…

Either way, we'd love to see!

This news anchor is so hot #tweetyourview

Share with us the name of the hot anchor (and what station/location he's from) in the comments below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.