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Who Is The Hottest News Anchor Where You Live?

Suddenly I love the local news.

Hi BuzzFeed Community! We're currently looking to find the hottest news anchors around the world! Why? Because it's fun!

Literally the most handsome news anchor ever. @WhitNBCLA @WhitJohnsonFans @Lena_Poet

Maybe your hot anchorman is a weatherman...

Hello hot Welsh weatherman! Woof! Been watching #ManselDavies without subtitles, fun 😀

... or maybe he just sits behind the desk.

My local news anchor is hot. His name is Raphael. He left the sunshine state to report the news to me.… https://t.co/bU1b23GUKQ

Either way, we'd love to see!

This news anchor is so hot #tweetyourview

Share with us the name of the hot anchor (and what station/location he's from) in the comments below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.