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    Lizzo Tweeted Her Liberty Spinner Glow Up And, Just Like, Dreams Really Do Come True

    Tax season will never look the same.

    If you've ever driven a car in the United States between January 1 and April 15, then you have a seen a a person dressed up in a velour Statue of Liberty suit on the side of the street asking you to "honk for taxes."

    Boston Globe / Getty Images

    They're best known frantically waving at you and twirling a tax sign near very crowded intersections.

    If you existed in a living and breathing state on planet Earth in 2019, then you know who Lizzo is.

    Lisa Lake / Getty Images

    The Best New Artist Grammy winner* made her SNL debut this weekend.

    .@Lizzo makes her #SNL debut with a performance of her #1 smash, “Truth Hurts.” 🎵

    *She hasn't won yet, but let's be real, it's definitely going to happen.

    After her performance, Lizzo Tweeted her glow up.

    On the left was when I worked for liberty taxes, as a sign spinner... on the right is my @nbcsnl debut. Don’t stop.. we need you. Your time is coming.

    From Liberty Tax Spinner... the SNL stage.

    SNL / Via Twitter: @lizzo

    Kehlani put it best:

    lizzo deserves everything she has. she’s been at this a really long time and this isn’t random or abrupt, this is hard hard work and never giving up on yourself.

    In conclusion, we need a Lizzo sign spinning tutorial. Release the sign spinning tutorial vid.