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Lizzo Posted Video Of Adele's *Real* Reaction To Harry Styles Winning Album Of The Year, And It's Actually Very Funny And Very British

You gotta love an extremely British Adele moment.

Adele and Lizzo were *the* fun ones in the Grammy celebrity bullpen on Sunday.

Selfie as Beyoncé casually makes herstory 🥹🤯

Twitter: @lizzo

They led the Beyoncé fan club.

Adele and Lizzo smile as they pose for a picture with Beyoncé in the middle

They danced to Public Enemy together.

internet please make gif of Adele and Lizzo dancing to Public Enemy

Twitter: @cynicole78

Some of them did shots.

What a memorable moment with Lizzo and Adele 🤣

CBS/Twitter: @SteveBmSu

They were a match made in "TV award show celebrity reaction shot" heaven.

Yesterday, a four-second reaction shot of Adele and Lizzo during Harry Styles' Album of the Year speech went viral.

It was four seconds of chaos: Someone yelled Beyoncé, Lizzo cackled, and Adele looked like she was leaving the audience.

Lizzo laughing at adele leaving during Harry’s speech sjdks

CBS/Twitter: @pIanetlalisa

"Pip pip cheerio*!"

Because this is how the internet works, someone posted another angle of Adele's reaction.

And we got ANOTHER angle on the CBS stream.

Adele looks on as Lizzo hugs Harry

People said it looked like she was pissed, but now we have another angle that clears things up a wee bit.

A close-up of Adele's face

Lizzo posted her first-person view of what happened, and it's more cute and funny than malicious and shady:

In the clip, you can hear Lizzo screeeaming for joy for Harry.

It's a chaotic minute, but she gives him a hug.

Harry waving as he stands at his table in the audience

Then she starts singing his song "Music for a Sushi Restaurant."

Then she pans over to Adele...

"What you filming me for?!?!" she says.

Ultimately, it's giving more "film him, it's his moment!" than "eff this, I'm leaving."

To put a pin it, I really enjoyed this first-person POV of the celebrity pit. Who doesn't love watching them like zoo animals?

One person named Lauren said "This is like the 2014 Oscar selfie"