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    21 Movies That Got Better Reviews Than "Batman V Superman"

    A short list.

    In case you didn't know, that new Batman v Superman movie got really bad reviews.


    Jen Lewis / Via Kimoji

    Yeah, so, people don't like it.

    In the grand tradition of BuzzFeed, we've found movies that are better than the new Batman v Superman.

    Here are some movies you should maybe see instead:

    1. Paul Blart: Mall Cop, a movie where a mall cop kills BMX riders trying to rob a mall

    2. Junior, a movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger births a baby through his anus

    3. Herbie Fully Loaded, a movie about Lindsay Lohan falling in love with a car

    4. Twilight, a movie about Twilight

    5. Max Keeble's Big Move, unimpeachable Nickelodeon classic

    6. Agent Cody Banks, the first and only movie to have a hero by the name of "Cody"

    7. Bambi II, a sequel to the movie where Bambi's mom dies

    8. Click, which, you know, is Click

    9. Grease 2, a real, live sequel to Grease

    10. Dr. Doolittle 2, a movie where Eddie Murphy continues to talk to animals

    11. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, a movie that exists

    12. Shallow Hal, a movie where I think a dog is crushed by a woman although I can't be certain

    13. Bedazzled, which is basically "Brendan Fraser goes to hell"

    14. What a Girl Wants, a movie about "how what a girl wants" are two British royal guards

    15. The Bucket List, a movie who's cover looks like the embalmed corpses of Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman deciding to go haunt the dairy aisle at a grocery store

    16. Malibu's Most Wanted, a movie

    17. My Super Ex-Girlfriend, a movie about the future Justice League character

    18. Big Fat Liar, a movie about torturing blue people

    19. Cats & Dogs, which is apparently just a movie about cats and dogs

    20. 102 Dalmatians, a movie about the dangers of not getting your pets spayed and neutered

    21. And Beverly Hills Chihuahua