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Lance Bass Revealed Who He Would Replace Justin Timberlake With For A Group Reunion, And It's Def A Solid Choice

Justin Timberlake seems to be the only person in the way of a full-on NSYNC reunion, so it's honestly nice that the guys would even consider doing one without him. I support it — like, this is an upgrade.

NSYNC was formed 27 years ago.

NSYNC in a promo photo

27 years ago!!

NSYNC doing various facial expressions for a promo photo

They'll always be remembered as wagon aficionados.

NSYNC sitting in an old-school wagon

As patriots.

All the members of NSYN wrapped in a giant American flag

And as people who revolutionized wearing bicycle reflection tape as clothing.

All the members of NSYNC wear all-black outfits with large bars that reflect light like reflectors on bicycles

So, it's upsetting that they haven't reunited in any musical capacity since the VMAs in 2013.

All five members of NSYNC perform on stage together at the VMAs

Four of them performed with Ariana Grande at Coachella in 2019.

Four NSYNC members, everyone but Justin Timberlake, pose with Ariana Grande outside a trailer

They also reunited in 2018 at their Walk of Fame ceremony.

All five NSYNC members together on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

But we haven't seen all five guys together on a stage in years.

Justin Timberlake is, obviously, the one to blame.

But now Lance Bass has chosen a JT replacement if given an option.

A shirtless Lance wearing jeans on his knees on the beach

Lance went on Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, and Will Friedle's Boy Meets World podcast and answered who he would pick to replace Justin if NSYNC were to do a hypothetical tour.

Danielle asked: "I have a fictitious world question: If you guys had to go on the road now as NSYNC but you were gonna have somebody fill in for Justin, kinda like the way John Mayer is now in the Grateful Dead, who do you think you would choose to be in that role?"

"Oh, I know exactly who it would be. He's really great with harmonies. He studied music and is amazing with harmonies: Darren Criss."

"He loves boy bands. He's from that era. He would just be the perfect fit with us."