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    Lana Del Rey Has A History Of Clapping Back At Random Strangers Online And She's Very Good At It

    Kathi tried and Lana wasn't having any of it!

    Ah yes, welcome to a post full of legitimate drags by Miss Lana Del Rey. Some of you might just be hopping onto the Lana Del Rey dragging people on the internet train after her recent drags of Kanye West and Azealia Banks, but the truth is Lana has a history of destroying random people who come for her. I've collected the most iconic ones because it's really funny to me. She's good at it.

    That time this lady named Kathi with an "i" got *truly* vulgar...

    ...and said:

    For those who can't read Kathi's uncouth comment, it says: "i WONDER WHO SHE HAD TO SUCK OFF TO GET AN ALBUM SINCE SHE CANT SING." Not classy, miss Kathi!

    Lana responded:

    "I'll pray for you Kathi- you and that disgusting mouth of yours. God Bless"

    Then there was the rat, Richard. From his profile picture we can deduce that he has at least half an eye. He said:

    "damn i liked your sound for a second ... then i saw your image. just sing and make music, trust me."

    Lana responded:

    Moving on to the time "Sparklepuss Comedy" had the audacity to make a parody video...


    ...Lana responded:


    Then there was the time some random emo (no offense to emos) named "NightatheRoses" asked: "Is the blank stare and parted lips a necessary factor of the look?"

    Lana responded:

    "it definitely is, bitch."

    Another person once left this comment: "Tropico coming soon *5 months later* Tropico coming soon um no bitch release this shit"


    Lana responded:


    Then there was the time Lana weighed in on a debate about plastic surgery, she said to "whoever the fuck you are":

    "Right - i didnt get surgery whoever the fuck u are - i didnt even have a house to live in let alone $ to fuck w my face."

    On that same thread she also said:

    This person called her "UGLY" and she plain and simple said:

    A more recent example of Lana responding to an internet stranger happened when this guy asked her to like his photo. Lana exposed his lyin' ass:

    Lana also responded to a comment on a picture like this...


    ... nice try, paradise:

    Another person was basically like, and I'm paraphrasing: "Wow, Lana is so dumb she doesn't know how to pin a tweet. Lana came for them:

    Seriously, Lana knows how to use Twitter so stop trying:

    No random internet stranger is safe from a Lana drag, like the time a fan announced Lana's album had leaked and Lana brought them down hard with "U little fucker" and "better be":

    And lastly, here's a little DM to take with you on the road...


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