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These Pictures Confirm That Lana Del Rey Is A Modern-Day Jesus Christ

I'm not kidding.

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Since His untimely death thousands of years ago, people have been looking for a new savior. Luckily now we have Her.

Mandatory Byline: Juan Rico / Mandatory Byline: Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

In short, Jesus Christ died so Lana Del Rey could live.


Like Jesus, Lana spends most of her time forgiving people for their sins.

In this photo, two disciples adorned in sacramental flower crowns profess their sins to Lana. She forgave them.

When I see pictures like this with lana and fans I get sad. Really sad.

Lana has this power to bring people to tears with her gaze. "Hate the sin, not the sinner" is her motto. She is an understanding God.

When one is suffering from sin or an ailment or something, they come to Lana. She will generally help them.

ICONIC LANA MOMENTS: lana comforting a crying fan during her concert...

This woman used to be blind. Now she can see. Lana's ophthalmological impact!

@lanadelrey Because I was crying so much like a proper fan girl hehe this picture is so cute your wiping my tears :')

Sometimes her followers are so overcome by her aura that they can't even speak. In those instances, Lana usually just nervously laughs. "Ha ha."

Other times, people just burst into tears. They just can't control themselves.

during the iTunes festival in 2012 theres a part where lana hugs&kisses this crying fan and it makes me cry so much

When she's not saving people, Lana donates her time to the community. Here she is with a troubled youth.

Instead of walking on water, Lana walks in the middle of the streets of Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Cars don't even hit her.


Jesus had church, Lana has H&M.

At H&M, her followers pay their respects by bowing in front of her promotional sweater posters.


You can also find them holding rogue ritualistic ceremonies on the floors of Target to the "good word," Born to Die: The Paradise Edition."

Jesus used his hands to heal, Lana uses her humongous lips.

That shit works!

What if Taylor look pictures with fans like this like Lana Del Ray does im LAUGJINF

If you tattoo her name, she may reward you with a breathy "you fucking didn't?"

If you're really lucky, she may sign your iPhone.

@LanaDelRey is seriously the cutest person with her fans, Honestly We Love you Lana! x

And if you're really REALLY lucky she may even let you sit on her face. / Via

Young and old, people from near and far (wherever you are?), come to Lana. Like the Jesus of yesteryear, Lana is everywhere and in everything.

LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't be fooled by false prophets. There is only one true Lana. YOU MAY HAVE NO OTHER GODS BESIDES HER!!



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