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    17 Weird And Random Things Lady Gaga Has Done In The Past 60 Days


    For the last two plus months, Lady Gaga's social media has been equal parts bizarre and iconic. Here's a recap of her unusual social media behavior.


    For the record, Gaga isn't exactly a frequent user of Twitter, so that's why this activity is even more strange.

    1. It all started at the end of August with "f."

    Just "f." That's it. That's all.

    2. On September 16, she let it be known that she was snatched.

    I am so snatched right now I don’t know what to do

    As always though.

    3. On the 20th, she made a cryptic statement about the vaping epidemic.

    Me: I need a cigarette. Me: No I’ll just vape. Mind: Locate file. DELETE.

    4. On October 1, she announced her new album, ADELE.

    I’m calling my next album ADELE.

    5. Two weeks later, she gave us some "live, laugh, love" wisdom.

    Today is a new day. Look back, but don’t stare.

    6. On the 15th, she asked "What's fortnight."

    7. "who are you," she asked one of the most famous video game streamers, Ninja, a day later.

    8. On October 16, she slept in her jacuzzi.

    This picture was captioned: "Face Mask. Check. Fishnets and neon thong. Check. Sleeping in my jacuzzi. Check."

    9. That same day, October 16, Gaga wished Drake "happy birthday." Drake's birthday is October 24.

    10. On the 24th, she said fame is a prison.

    11. Then she briefly collabed with Amanda Knox.

    I hear you, but...prison is prison.

    12. Then she fell off the stage.

    13. She got drunk at the Park MGM casino in a short pink bob.

    14. She counted money, put it in her bra. The clip is hypnotizing and I don't know why.

    15. She was basically all of us at 2 AM in a Vegas casino.

    16. She sang a jazz version of "Foolish" with Ashanti.

    Lady Gaga and Ashanti duetting on a jazz rendition of “Foolish” is the reverse Warholian experience Gaga spoke of on Artpop.

    17. And lastly, she passed out on her private jet.

    What am I trying to say? Nothing. I'm honestly just living for her random-ass social media interactions, but I also want to take this opportunity to say: We want the album. Until then, we will speculate.

    If #ladygaga tweeted "f" cuz she knew the sex of the baby ? So #LG6 is female and the name is #GAGA ? The mother knows the sex the 14th/15th week... Gaga in August was pregnant from 5 months (15th week of pregnancy) Birth in January ?

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