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    Lady Gaga Revealed What Her Job Would Be If She Wasn't A Singer, And The Reactions To It Are Just As Funny And Random As The Job

    OK then, Gaga.

    You gays, we're almost there. House of Gucci is coming so, so soon.

    In case you happen to be straight or live under a rock, the movie stars Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani and tells the story of Patrizia's attempt to kill her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of the founder of Gucci.

    The movie trailer was released this summer, and it's truly a trip.

    Father, Son, and #HouseOfGucci 🇮🇹 only in theaters Nov 24 ❤️

    Twitter: @ladygaga

    Gaga isn't fucking around.

    She's coming for that Best Actress Academy Award.

    The accent.

    Lady Gaga BODIED Patrizia Reggiani’s accent in #HouseOfGucci

    Twitter: @gagadailyTW

    The mannerisms.

    This Italian girl from New York was made for it.

    In even better news, Gaga is beginning her press tour for the movie.

    lady gaga on the house of gucci cover

    If you remember, the press tour for A Star Is Born gave us the "there could be 100 people in the room" quote.

    “100 people in there could be in a one room” always makes me laugh

    Twitter: @KNOWLESROLLS2

    We're expecting a lot from this press tour, and she already delivered one GREAT quote. Simply put, I'm ba da ba ba bah loving it.

    The first great quote came from an interview with British Vogue. When asked what career she would have if she wasn't an entertainer, Gaga gave a...very Gaga answer.

    “I would have been a combat journalist. That was one of my dreams. When I was at the Capitol, the day before the inauguration, I remember walking around and looking for evidence of the insurrection.” — @LadyGaga to @BritishVogue 🔗:

    Twitter: @PopCrave

    A combat journalist investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection?


    Not only is that quote wild — well, it's batshit — but the reactions have been hilarious:

    "Okay tell me, what have you found"

    Roberto Schmidt / AFP via Getty Images/ UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @chromatican321

    Everyone is having a field day with this one.

    I don’t know what she’s saying but I absolutely agree

    UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @joey_monda

    As this person said, "she is the embodiment of chaos."

    i love her so much she is the embodiment of chaos

    UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @sienasaysthings

    The jokes practically wrote themselves.

    Rep. Germanotta (D-NY) deserves a seat on the Select Committee @SpeakerPelosi

    UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @griffin_daly_

    From "now we know what she was doing there."

    now we know what she was doing here

    Roberto Schmidt / AFP via Getty Images/ UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @MyCh3micalSwift

    To "find the insurrectionists."

    Find the insurrectionists. Bring them to me.

    Roberto Schmidt / AFP via Getty Images/ UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @jarnth_

    I would totally be okay with this being her "100 people in a room" moment.

    There could be one hundred insurrectionists in a room…

    UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @_carlbxrch

    And really, it all makes sense, like she wasn't even lying.

    i love how she's not even lying😭

    UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @BEYGAWHORE

    So, get ready.

    Going to be thinking about this line until the day I die

    UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @c_a_clark_

    It's coming.

    UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @Kevin_Jacobsen

    Lady Gaga is about to out–Lady Gaga herself.

    this press tour is going to be the highlight of my year

    UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @fuckitsmeagain

    There better be MANY Italian references.

    “I’m an Italian combat journalist from New York.”

    UPI/Alamy Live News/ Twitter: @msgyal

    Sip sip!

    Caio ciao!