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An Olympian Is Going Viral Because She Looks Exactly Like Lady Gaga

She's everywhere.

In 2020 Lady Gaga released her most cohesive album of her career, Chromatica.

Chromatica album cover

She got Ariana Grande to take down her ponytail.

And she released one of her best music videos since, like, 2011.

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In 2021, Lady Gaga has done everything in her power not to promote that album.

It's okay, we still love her for it! There's a lot of makeup to sell!

In her absence, a strange phenomenom happened: Lady Gaga doppelgängers started showing up in extremely random places. It was as if Gaga was everywhere.

She showed up in this Brazilian YouTuber's vlog as a dentist.

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Jaya Dutra /

Like, the dentist looked exactly like Lady Gaga:


Twitter: @hausofjuuliaa

It's uncanny.

"Little Molars" everywhere rejoiced.

Lady Gaga is a dentist now she is so multitalented

But that's not all...

the gaga dentist with the joanne hat

"Lady Gaga" was spotted on a Russian TV show as judge.

Lady Gaga was spotted on a Russian TV as a judge 💗 she looks stunning!

Twitter: @gagasrush00ker

"She" was spotted selling face masks

Twitter: @rolodebolo

"Gaga" even had time to put out forest fires.

"She" has been everywhere.

Twitter: @gagadaily

And now "Gaga" was spotted again, this time at the Tokyo Olympics.

"Lady Gaga" was spotted playing tae kwon do:

Twitter: @gagadaily

Naturally, Gaga's fans had things to say:

This woman is unstoppable

Twitter: @kaththeglampire

The jokes basically wrote themselves:

represent the United States of Chromatica

Twitter: @kerrquevedo

Let's have some fun This beat is sick I wanna bash your head With a roundhouse kick

Twitter: @le_petit_cochon

If there are a hundred athletes in a room, and 99 people don’t believe in you, but one does…

Twitter: @THISisROUGH

Ultimately, fans were reminded of the real problem here:

She’ll do ANYTHING not to tour

Twitter: @Under_Rug_Swept

Anyway, stream Chromatica, please. Maybe after she finishes at the Olympics she'll reschedule the tour. One can pray.