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    L.A. Police Chief's Insane Gay Pride Week Rejection Letter From 1975

    "I'd gladly participate in GAY CONVERSION WEEK." I almost can't believe this is real.

    The letter from then chief of police, Edward M. Davis, was in response to an invite by the Christopher Street Foundation to gay pride week.

    The following may make your jaw drop:

    For those who can't read that, it says:

    As you no doubt expected, I am declining your invitation to participate in the celebration of "GAY PRIDE WEEK." while I support your organization's constitutional right to express your feelings on the subject of homosexuality, I am obviously not in sympathy with your views on the subject. I would much rather celebrate "GAY CONVERSION WEEK" which I will gladly sponsor when the medical practitioners in this country find a way to convert gays to heterosexuals."

    Via Towleroad

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