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Kylie Jenner Turned Her House Into A Jungle, Proving Once Again That Rich People Are A Whole Other Species

Just when you thought you'd seen it all in a Kardashian/Jenner house, Kylie does this.

Kim's house looks like an abandoned museum where the nun from the Conjuring movies lives.

Kourtney has a "playhouse" that is nicer than 99% of American households:

The playhouse is the size of a real life structure
A view of the interior of the 'playhouse' that shows off the couch filled with stuffed animals

And Khloé's house is organized within an inch of her life. Like, this is her medicine closet:

Everything is in clear containers and organized by product and brand

This is her cereal collection:

The cereal is also in clear containers

And here's her candy drawer:

Reese's, Kit Kats, Skittles, M & Ms and Hershey Kisses organized by product

Kylie's house currently looks like a farm.

So, Sunday was Father's Day, and while everyone was simply posting pictures of their dads when they were young and hot, Kylie one-upped the game.

For example, here's what she turned her living room into:

An elaborate sunflower path that leads to a large heart-shaped alter made out of flowers

But before I get too far, let's show the rest of the house.

Another life-size heart-shaped flower installation and candles on the floor

Step inside and enter Kylie's personal flower farm:

Like, she basically turned her house into one of those places people spend $30 to take Instagram pictures in.

The hallways were covered in roses:

Her pool had floating flower installations:

And besides the sunflower room...

...she also had a rose room.

Stormi standing under one of multiple hearts shaped out of roses

There were giant orbs of sunflowers:

And last but not least, a couch made of grass:

Because everyone needs a couch made of grass.