Kristen Bell Meets The Merengue Dog, Loses Her Mind

They are both so adorable. Too bad they could never be.

1. Remember Carrie the Merengue Dog?

Well she was at Bonnaroo and had the chance to meet Kristen Bell on a panel. Kristen Bell is a huuuuge animal lover and lost her mind when she met a sloth. She also lost her mind when she met Carrie.

2. Carrie arrived early so she could get made up all pretty for Kristen.

3. All set…

4. And ready for her closeup.

5. They meet. The attraction is instant. It’s love.

6. She tears up.

7. They can’t stop looking at each other.

9. They can’t keep their hands off of each other.

11. It’s like they’re the only ones in the room.

15. Carrie dances for Kristen.

16. Kristen loves it.

17. Carrie is so so happy.

18. They embrace.

19. Bye!

Carrie will be okay. She is a really happy dog that can dance the merengue.

Now Kristen on the other hand…

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