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31 Things That Happened At Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker's Lavish Italian Wedding — Like, This Was Some Real Rich People Stuff

I want to know what was in the bag, because that party favor must have been expensive.

Emergency, SOS, let it be known! Kravis finally got married in a big ol' ceremony.

Yes, this was their third ceremony, but it's the *legit* one.

Because I am a loser with no life, I scoured all of their guests' Instagrams and paparazzi services to bring you all the juicy deets!

1. First, foremost, and most importantly...Mark Hoppus was there.

2. He was there with his wife, but I can tell you who was not there...

3. Tom! It looks like his invite was lost in the mail.

4. You know who was invited, though? Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

Megan and MGK walking into the wedding together; MGK is wearing a blue leopard print suit

5. Here's a pic of the lovely couple smoking something:

6. And here's a look at MGK on his way to the ceremony:

MGK smiling for a picture while holding up his middle finger, with a caption saying he's doing it because he feels insecure

7. So, guests arrived to the ceremony in Portofino, Italy via boat.

Several boats lined up in a small harbor

8. Then they had to walk up a big ol' hill.

A group of people leaving the boats and walking up a steep climb

9. Kendall could barely get up the stairs.

Kendall Jenner struggling to walk up the steep stairs in her tight dress

10. It was at this place called Castello Brown.

11. Here's a closeup of the setup. It was very intimate!

An aerial shot of the ceremony, which is a heavily wooded area overlooking the water

12. And the alter:

Stairs lead to an ornate alter with two footstools, a statue of a woman holding a baby, and countless numbers of candles

13. Kourtney's veil paid homage to Travis's head tattoo.

The back of Kourtney's veil is huge, extending feet behind her, and it is embroidered with a woman praying

14. See this:

15. It's the same as the tat on his head:

The same image of a woman praying can be seen on the top of Travis's head

16. They knelt during the ceremony.

Kourtney and Travis kneeling on the two footstools in front of the alter

17. In case you were wondering, Kris wore this:

18. Kim posted this blurry picture of a table setup, so there's that:

The tables are covered with leopard print designs and hold flowers

19. The place settings looked like this:

The place settings feature a flaming heart in the center, with Travis and Kourtney's names above the heart and the guest's name below it

20. I want to know what was in that party favor bag, because it's probably worth thousands of dollars.

A party favor bag sits next to a place setting; the bag is wrapped with ribbon with a pearl-encrusted heart hanging off it

21. Food-wise, pasta was made on site in person.

A large vat holds pasta covered in sauce

22. The pasta portion size was this big:

Each plate only holds a tiny dollop of pasta

23. And they had an older gentleman filling cannolis:

24. There were also entire rotating cakes on each of the tables:

A giant three-tiered cake in the center of a table is surrounded by flower petals

25. For the reception, Kourtney ditched the enormous veil.

Kourtney is now wearing a much smaller veil that falls across her shoulders

26. She also changed into a more punk-rock black dress later in the evening.

Kourtney wearing a new dress with no veil

27. I also just want to give a shoutout to the matching outfits they wore a few days before the wedding, because it certainly was a look.

Both Kourtney and Travis wear all black, with Kourtney also wearing a black veil

28. Naturally, guests danced around with bottles of Kendall's 818 tequila.

A guest holding up a bottle of tequila

29. Andrea Bocelli sang "I Can't Help Falling in Love" while Kravis danced behind them.

30. The bride and groom wore matching Mr. and Mrs. Barker jackets.

31. And it all probably cost a million or 10 million dollars. <3

The end.