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Kourtney Kardashian Gave A Tour Of Her Kid's Playhouse And It's Kind Of Ridiculous For A Kid's Playhouse

I think I'm just jealous.

Kourtney Kardashian gave Architectural Digest a tour of her kid's playhouse and, honestly, it's insane.

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This is her children's playhouse:

Children's. Playhouse.

All jokes aside about this being a playhouse for children to play in, I have to say, damn, that's a nice tiny house.

Kourtney, standing completely naturally for minutes, says, "It's modern but sophisticated and still very warm."

She said they let the kids give their opinions about some of the details. The children picked out the wood.

It's a technology free zone, so like no TVs, iPads, etc. Kourtney says that's why they have "a lot of books."

There are also four vintage stools.

She has these scary Minnie Mouse figurines made by Coach. She got them for her birthday.

Overall, I think I'm just jealous because I want a cool, modern tiny home.

Thanks for the tour, Kourtney!

Maybe someday I can live in something 1/100 as nice as your children's playhouse.