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    Kit Connor Is Seriously Jacked Now, Like What?!

    To be quite honest, that takes some serious dedication.

    Every now and then, a random celebrity gets seriously jacked.

    Some examples that come to mind are Kumail Nanjiani:

    More recently there was Jake Gyllenhaal:

    Jake Gyllenhaal flexes at a UFC weigh-in as he films a movie scene

    And someone who is always showing off the goods is, of course, Zac Efron:

    Well, now we have a new one to add to the list.

    You probably know Kit Connor from Heartstopper.

    In my head, he looks something like this:

    Kit is wearing jeans, a sweater, zip-up jacket, and sneakers

    And this:

    Kit poses for a photo with another person. He's wearing a jacket and slacks, and a button-up shirt

    Well, now he is seriously, seriously jacked:

    Kit recently collaborated with YouTuber and fitness enthusiast Nathaniel Massiah and showed *just* how hard he works out.

    View this video on YouTube


    And he's been working hard for a while now!

    Kit knew what he was doing here. #handsome #KitConnor #gymbros #gym #happyforhim #workouts #Heartstopper #jacked #NickNelson

    @kitconnor/ Twitter: @HeartstopperF11

    So, congrats to Kit!

    I don't really do Marvel movies, but I assume some sort of Marvel era is coming?

    The newly-jacked Kit crossing the street

    That's a Marvel movie I'd actually watch.