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Kim Kardashian Shared A Rare Human Moment In A Picture She Posted Inside Her Morgue-Like House

Proof that people may actually live in Kim's house.

Kim and Kanye's abandoned museum–inspired home is somewhat iconic by now.

Their purge pad is full of hallways that scream, "There's DEFINITELY a demon nun around that corner."

The living room is where they perform their sacrifice rituals.

And who could forget their Halloween decorations?: It's literally just a pile of pumpkins.

But this post is specifically about the bathroom.

You see, we've seen this bathroom a bunch of times.

Sometimes Kim just hangs out fully clothed there.

But recently we saw something I truly wasn't expecting to see.

Kim posted this picture of her standing in her bathroom trying to sell something:

But there's something special and oddly human about this picture.

Zoom in...


Yes, there it is: a toothbrush.

This toothbrush is the most normal thing we've ever seen in Kim's house. People may, in fact, actually live in their Death Star house.

Good luck, buddy!

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