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Kim Kardashian Built An Entire "Mini-Town" In Her Backyard And It's Actually Very, Very Cool

As an adult, I am actually so, so jealous.

In case you didn't know, I am completely and totally fascinated with the death hole that is Kim Kardashian's house.

Kim's house features hyper minimalist decor that is mostly white and neutral tones

That cold, dark lair is my obsession.

A long, white empty hallway

We've gotten a glimpse into her kid's playroom before, which is awesome.

A neutral toned room filled with toys like mini rocking horses and stuffed animals

There's toys set up in stadium seating.

A color-coded LEGO drawer:

And bins and bins full of arts & craft supplies:

It's basically a perfectly stocked first-grade classroom.

And it's definitely a brief respite from the abandoned museum vibe she has going on in the other parts of the house.

But now Kim has gone above and beyond.

I thought the childhood dream was one of these:

A kids playhouse

I was wrong.

A whole town featuring a KKW Beauty store and a diner

Kim has built this in her backyard.

Yes, an entire little town.

It’s apparently called Lil’ Hidden Hills (a play on the name of the gated community they live in).

An archway to the town that says "Lil Hidden Hills"

There's a KKW Beauty Shop:

The West Diner:

The diner is painted to look retro

An ice cream castle:

The roof is painted with sprinkles

A firehouse:

The front of a firetruck peeks out from the firehouse

She has little streetlights:

There's an "ATM":

The "ATM" has a logo that says "West Financial Group"

And you see that there?

Yes, there's even a little Starbucks.

Not gonna lie, 7-year-old and 33-year-old me are completely jealous.

These kids have playhouses nicer than my actual one.

The multi-storied playhouse has two slides