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Kim Kardashian Bought A $70 Million House, And It's Completely Different Than Her Current Creepy Dystopian Mansion

This is definitely a different vibe than the whole "abandoned museum" thing she was going for in the other house.

Kim Kardashian's scary house is somewhat legendary at BuzzFeed.

Kim with a person in a suit in a place that looks like an abandoned museum

There's the hallway where she keeps the beating heart of a banshee.

An ominous-looking hallway with no color or decoration

The other hallway where she hides the nun from the Conjuring movies.

the hallway is absolutely bare and the chandelier is gone

And the statue room is straight out of Silent Hill.

Very minimalist table and chairs with a creepy statue in the back

The living room has also been described as a "recovery room of a dystopian wellness spa."

Which, like, checks out:

It also wouldn't be a Kim's Kreepy House Post if I didn't mention Kenny G in the basement.

individual roses in individual vases all over the floor as Kenny G plays

And the piles of pumpkins.

Black pumpkins piled in a corner

Literally, on Halloween she puts out piles of pumpkins:

a pile of pumpkins

But alas, all good things must come to an end...it seems like Kim and fam could possibly be moving.

Kim just bought this house in Malibu for a cool $70 million.

An exterior view of a two-story house on a hillside

$70 million!!

A long-distance view of the house, which is on a hill overlooking the ocean

The house has 4 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, and Kim actually got it for a "discount." It was originally $99.5 million!

There's also a pool, because duh, there better be a damn pool for $70 million!!

There's also this random side-of-the-house hot tub.

The living room is a big departure from the "trendy morgue" aesthetic the old house was giving.

A cozier looking living room with one wooden wall

The bedrooms are definitely *simple.*

A fairly minimalist bedroom with a window view

The guest bedrooms are pretty simple too.

The guest bedroom has sliding glass doors leading outside, with a lattice covering part of the doors so people can't see inside

And the house may or may not come with this sad tree.

The kitchen is pretty generic for $70 million.

A standard kitchen with a large island in the middle

Another view:

But really, what you're paying for is the view.

The view has several trees, with waves crashing in the ocean nearby

Hot dang!

A view from inside the house shows a patio area with table and chairs overlooking the ocean

Check out that patio.

There's a pretty generic BBQ area.

A fairly standard table with benches around it near a grill

And it wouldn't be a rich person's house without a tennis court.

So yeah, it will be interesting to see what Kim does with this.

I'm not sure where she would keep Kenny G in this new house, but hopefully there's a basement for him.