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Kim Kardashian Finally Showed Us Her Living Room, And People Are Comparing It To A Scary Isolation Room

It's like the rest of her house: A bit scary and a place where you'd be terrified to spill something.

If you somehow didn't know, Kim Kardashian lives in a house that resembles a completely abandoned museum.

kim and a person in a suit in a place that looks like a abandoned museum
Kim Kardashian/Instagram: @kimkardashian

As we've said in the past, it's part "Death Star from Star Wars," has a dash of "morgue," and a sprinkle of "sleep paralysis."

It's absolutely perfect for a cult.

The room is bare except for a white piano and some decorative furry plants

You probably remember when they let Kenny G out of the basement to play among a minefield of single votive roses.

individual roses in individual vases all over the floor as Kenny G plays

How could you forget her iconic Halloween decorations that just consisted of piles of pumpkins?

Black pumpkins piled in a corner

Literally, just piles of pumpkins:

a pile of pumpkins
Kim Kardashian/Instagram: @kimkardashian

Her hallways are most likely hiding the nun from the Conjuring movies:

the hallways is absolutely bare and the chandelier is gone

And you see that thing at the end of the hallway? There's def a human head in there.

Twitter: @kanyewest

I'm kidding!!! I hope.

The bathroom gives me major Saw vibes:

Kim wearing a bikini and angel wings

For years now, I thought this scary room was the living room, but now I've been proven wrong.

Very minimalist table and chairs with a creepy statue in the back
@kanyewest / Via

Kim has taken to Instagram to show us her living room, which she says is her favorite room in the house.

Trading Spouses

Ladies and gentleman, the living room:

As you can see, there is one "portrait" of what appears to be three claw marks left from the spirit that lives at the end of her scary hallway:

@kimkardashian / Via Instagram: @kimkardashian

The reaction has been expected:

The consensus is that it looks like an isolation room:

Or a "dystopian wellness spa":

Truly an empty space:

Personally, I'm just surprised by the carpet. I was expecting more concrete (and possibly another human head).


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