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    Kim Kardashian Has Decorated Her "Unique" Mansion For Christmas And I Finally Found Out What It Was Inspired By

    Another day, another post about Kim and Kanye's creepy house.

    It's well known that Kim Kardashian lives in a house modeled after a fictional spaceship's abandoned hospital ward.

    If you're into long ominous hallways with a "morgue" feel, then this house is for you!

    But there's one thing Kim does better than anyone: Kim can decorate the hell out of her house for the holidays.


    This is one way she decorates for Halloween:

    Yup, it's a big ol' pile of green pumpkins.

    This year, she spiced things up with a pile of beige ones.

    She also put a giant spider vagina-looking thing on her house, but that's a whole other BuzzFeed post...

    a large fake spider on her house

    Now, it' time for her Christmas decorations!

    @KimKardashian .. wtf kind of Christmas decor is this? They look like giant tampons

    Yup, it's these things.

    These large Q-tip butt plug things.

    a large fluffy thing that looks like a q tip

    And while I thought it was just a random "rich people being rich people" thing, they are actually inspired by something!

    “I love these. They’re whimsical, like Whoville, but all white," she said in an Instagram story.

    So yeah, it's a whole Whoville thing.

    It has nothing to do with butt plugs or sad cotton candy!

    And because I know you're dying to know: She put them up again this year.

    How thrifty!

    Never stop sharing things from your house, Kim. It seriously makes my day!