Kim Kardashian's 2022 Halloween Decorations Are The Most Extra They've Ever Been — Like, They're Truly Terrifying

    She did it again, and this time it's bigger than ever before.

    Kim Kardashian is really big on Halloween.

    Even though I personally think she doesn't have to do any decorating for Halloween because her house is pretty scary as it is.

    Kim poses for a picture with another person in her very empty hallway

    It's practically Halloween year-round there!

    A minimalist circular dining table with matching neutral chairs and walls

    Traditionally in the past, she is known for her piles of pumpkins.

    Literally just piles of pumpkins.

    Two years ago, she did this whole giant spider, vagina-looking thing.

    a large fake spider on her house

    Last year, she did another spider thing.

    But this year, she went even bigger.

    Welcome to Kim Kardashian's 2022 Halloween home.

    Kim had these skeleton trees custom made.

    These custom-made trees are adorned with skulls and bones.

    If you haven't picked up on it, this year's theme was skulls.

    She also has these extremely unsettling characters on her lawn.

    Kim's favorite part of her 2022 decorations are these hands. She actually had a hand casting party so she could create this graveyard.

    All of her kids got their hands casted.

    That one with the nails is Kim's hand.

    She even added a chef's knife for her chef's hand.

    Then we move to the front door.

    As you can see, it's decorated with hundreds of skulls.

    Inside, things get real scary, real fast.

    Like, "IDK how she sleeps at night" scary.

    Mummies line her hallway.

    There's a scary moon at the end.

    It's absolutely terrifying.

    There are mummies just hanging around, like "Hi, I'm dead."

    I'm shaking in me boots.

    More mummies

    So yeah, she really took it up a notch in terms of being terrifying and expensive with those custom bone trees.

    And thankfully, in case you were wondering, her tradition of piles of pumpkins lives on. This year, they're beige. <3