Here's Every Person Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Have Dated — Like I Was Not Expecting Some Of These

    If I was famous, I would date everyone too.

    RIP to Kim and Pete.

    Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson holding hands on the red carpet

    Because they both have genuinely interesting dating histories, let's take a look back at who they've both dated.

    The couple during better days

    We'll start with Pete.

    Pete in a suit at the MET Gala giving the peace sign

    Pete Davidson's first *known* girlfriend was comedian Carly Aquilino.

    They were together back in 2015, when people apparently took pictures from potatoes.

    It appears they knew each other from the MTV shows Girl Code and Guy Code.

    In 2015, they celebrated Pete's birthday at the iconic Medieval Times.

    And they held large birds.

    Pete's second public relationship was with Cazzie David.

    Pete and Cazzie David with their arms around each other

    They started dating in 2015 and broke up in 2018 after 2.5 years.

    Cazzie and Pete posing for a photo

    Cazzie is Larry David's daughter, FYI.

    Pete and Cazzie on the red carpet

    After Cazzie, Pete dated Ariana Grande.

    Pete sitting next to Ariana

    Believe it or not, they were only together for five months.

    Pete and Ariana looking at each other and smiling

    According to People, they were engaged after only a few weeks of dating.

    Pete and Ariana holding hands and walking

    At least we'll always have these lollipop pics. <3

    Pete and Ariana walking hand in hand; Pete has a lollipop in his mouth, while Ariana is licking one of her own

    After Ari, Pete dated Kate Beckinsale.

    Kate Beckinsale and Pete cuddling at a game

    You probably remember them from their public makeout hockey pics.

    Kate and Pete making out in the stands of a hockey game

    Poor Antoni.

    They only dated for four months.

    Kate and Pete looking up and smiling

    After Kate, in 2019, Pete dated Margaret Qualley.

    Margaret Qualley and Pete holding hands

    According to Us Weekly, they were together for a few months.

    Margaret and Pete holding hands and walking

    After Margaret, Pete dated Kaia Gerber.

    Kaia Gerber and Pete in swimsuits touching tongues on lounge chairs

    In case you didn't know, Kaia is Cindy Crawford's daughter.

    Kaia holding Pete in the pool

    They only dated for a couple of months, but we'll always remember their *candid* pool PDA photo shoot.

    Kaia and Pete holding each other in a pool

    After Kaia, Pete dated Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor.

    Pete and Phoebe

    According to People, they were together for about five months.

    Phoebe and Pete in the stands

    That finally brings us to Kete.

    Kim Kardashian and Pete on the red carpet

    Pete and Kim started dating in November 2021...

    Pete and Kim smiling at each other at a formal event

    ...and were together for nine months.

    Kim and Pete holding hands and walking

    RIP to them.

    I just wonder how long it will take until Kim wipes him from her socials.

    Now let's look at Kim's dating history!

    Kim Kardashian getting out of a car

    Kim has been famous for way longer than Pete, so we'll focus on the major relationship milestones.

    a closeup of Kim

    Kim's first husband was Damon Thomas.

    closeup of Damon Thomas

    There really aren't many pics of them together, so here's a pic of Damon with Paris Hilton.

    Damon and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys with Paris Hilton

    According to Page Six, they got married in Vegas in the year 2000 when she was 19.

    They eventually were officially divorced by 2004.

    Kim Kardashian smiling

    After Damon Thomas, Kim's next significant relationship was with Ray J.

    Ray J and Kin on the red carpet

    According to Us Weekly, they dated for three years from 2003–06.

    closeup of Ray J and Kim together

    In 2007, their sex tape was released.

    closeup of Ray J and Kim smiling

    After Ray J, Kim was linked to Benji Madden, The Game, and Nick Lachey.

    The Game and Kim K posing together for a photo

    Her next significant relationship would be with Nick Cannon.

    Nick and Kim on the red carpet

    According to Page Six, they dated for about a year in 2006, and she "broke his heart."

    Kim and Nick Cannon cuddling and smiling for a photo

    After Nick, Kim's next significant relationship was with Reggie Bush.

    Kim and Reggie side by side

    They dated for two years from 2007–09.

    Reggie Bush and Kim K at an event

    After Reggie, Kim briefly dated Gabriel Aubry.

    Kim and Gabriel Aubry watching a game from the stands

    After Gabriel, Kim's next significant relationship was in 2010 with the infamous Kris Humphries.

    Kim and Kris Humphries at an event

    He is really tall.

    He looked like a giant next to her.

    Kim looking way shorter than Kris Humphries

    They were married for 72 days.

    Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian kissing

    In total, they were together for over a year.

    Kim and Kris sitting next to each other at an event

    After Chris, Kim dated and later married Kanye West.

    Kanye and Kim posing for a photo

    The two got together in 2012.

    Kim and Kanye talking privately

    They got married in 2014.

    Kanye and Kim kissing on the red carpet

    And they divorced in 2021.

    Kanye and Kim looking serious and walking together

    They almost made it a decade!

    Kanye and Kim in a parking lot

    That brings us up to present day with Pete.

    Kim and Pete at the Met Gala

    What a nine months that was!

    Pete and Kim watching something from a balcony

    Never forget.

    Kim sticking her tongue out with Pete behind her on the red carpet

    I wonder who each of them will end up with next...