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    Kevin Bacon's "Morning Mango Routine" Is Something I Didn't Know I Definitely Needed


    Its been a riveting six months.

    From starting off every day in bed...

    Blackcat / Getty Images

    ...moving to the kitchen...

    Paulaconnelly / Getty Images

    ...and ending up in my favorite chair.

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    Things have been just great!

    Casper1774studio / Getty Images

    But there was one thing that came into my life today that I never knew I needed.

    It's Kevin Bacon doing an accidental ASMR video showing us his "morning mango routine."

    He starts off the tutorial by opening the mango. It's his favorite part.

    Kevin Bacon/

    He adds lime. "Re-fweshing," he says. Like literally that's how he says "refreshing."

    Kevin Bacon/

    He adds kind of a lot of chili powder — too much, he says!

    Kevin Bacon/

    He generously sea-salts it.

    Kevin Bacon/

    Then he takes a big ole' juicy bite.

    Kevin Bacon/

    "That's pretty good, I'm not gonna lie. I hope you have a good day," his eyes bulge as he ends the video.

    Kevin Bacon/

    Thanks Kevin, I'll try!

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