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Kendall Jenner Is Being Dragged Over Her "Scrotum-Like" Jacket, And I'm Sorry, But This Is Way Funnier Than It Should Be

It's funny because it's true.

Kendall Jenner had a momentous 2022!

But it wasn't always smooth sailing!

If you remember, at one point earlier this year, her life was in shambles.

Kendall had no idea how to cut a cucumber.

The girl had no idea what the f*ck she was doing.

People were real mad about it.

Just saw how kendall jenner holds and cuts a cucumber and i am outraged

Twitter: @solosonglou

And it will live in their memories forever.

The clip of Kendall Jenner cutting a cucumber will live in my memories forever.

Twitter: @thats_tru_

Nevertheless, she persisted. Kendall brushed off that knife, and she tried to cut a cucumber again.


But now, she's closing out 2022 with what could be her next big moment.

That big moment being wearing a $7,000 jacket that looks like a sack of balls:

I know, I know, it's dumb, but it's true! It's a $7,000 jacket that looks like a pair of balls.

The comment section has been taken over by people talking about how the jacket looks like balls.

It's kind of hilarious.

From "it's giving scrotum"... "those are some heavy hangers."

"Not the ballsack jacket" is the general consensus.

I know it's so stupid, but c'mon! That's funny.

Anyway, thank you for that laugh.

I needed it.