Keira Knightley Showed Off Her Bizarre Party Trick For "World Health Day" And Now My Teeth Hurt

    Alexa play "Yesterday" by Keira Knightley's teeth.

    It all started out normal enough: Keira Knightley awkwardly sitting in front of her computer making a video for World Health Day.

    But then shit got weird. Really weird.

    A party trick is usually something like you can say the alphabet backwards, break an egg with one hand, or you can name all the Presidents or something.

    Well, that's certainly not Keira Knightley's party trick.

    Keira Knightley can "play her teeth."

    Watch her play "Yesterday" by the Beatles using her teeth.

    no other celebrity is doing it like her

    The end.

    Also, can you play your teeth? I'm genuinely curious if this is a thing.