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Internet Legend Keenan Cahill Has Died At 27

He really was the moment.

Keenan Cahill was an early-2010s internet legend.


His lip sync videos used to be everywhere.


You probably remember his "Teenage Dream" one...

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...or his "Like a G6" one.

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He collaborated with Ariana Grande.

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Keenan Cahill

He worked with 50 Cent.

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He performed on the American Music Awards.

Keenan onstage with others

He really was the main event!

Keenan on the AMAs red carpet

WGN News is reporting that he has passed away at 27.

He had Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, and in mid-December, Keenan posted a series of Instagrams saying he was having open-heart surgery.

After his early-2010s success, Keenan started DJ'ing.

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You can listen to some of his mixes on YouTube.

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But I'll never forget the videos he made in his room.

Keenan at a computer screen

He really represented the golden era of early-internet viral fame.

Keenan smiling with Young Hollywood pillows behind him

He was pure joy.

Close-up of an animated Keenan

And he will be missed.

RIP, legend.

Close-up of Keenan