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    Kate Beckinsale Used Her Cat To Dust The Floor In A Weird Instagram Video And Wait, What?

    Well, that's one way to dust a floor.

    Kate Beckinsale is turning into quite the social media star.

    She's actually really funny and I recommend following her if you like good captions.

    Besides writing good captions, she's always posting pictures of her cat, Willow.

    Willow likes wigs and apparently being a feline floor duster.

    Yes, a feline floor duster.


    Kate posted this video of her literally dusting the floor with her cat and it has me --> : 0

    What the?

    Who the?

    Now, I'm no Caesar Milan or Long Island Medium, but tell me, cat people, what is going on here?


    I guess the cat enjoys it because Lord knows a cat would scratch the shit out of you if it didn't.

    In the end, you do you, Willow. You do you.