Karlie Kloss Finally Commented On Her Extremely Divisive "Camp" Met Gala Look, And It Seems Like She's In On The Joke

    This is my Roman empire.

    The theme of the 2019 Met Gala was "camp."

    Closeup of Celine Dion

    It was one of the most hit-or-miss Met Gala themes ever, meaning attendees FULLY understood or FULLY had no idea what the theme meant.

    Katy Perry dressed like a chandelier

    Zendaya fully got it with her whole Cinderella bit.

    Zendaya at the Met Gala

    Lupita nailed it with this rainbow look.

    Lupita Nyong'o

    And Lady Gaga fully committed with her multiple outfit performance.

    Lady Gaga at the Met Gala

    Other celebrities seemed to have no idea what "camp" meant.

    Closeup of Harry Styles

    One of these celebrities who fully didn't understand the assignment was Karlie Kloss.

    Closeup of Karlie Kloss

    I think she thought "camp" meant some zany arm warmers and a fierce stare?

    Closeup of Karlie Kloss

    That night, Karlie went viral for her Instagram post.

    Closeup of Karlie Kloss

    This was the post:

    As the caption said, she was looking camp straight in the eye.

    "Looking camp right in the eye"

    People immediately were like, "lol, no."


    From people feeling "secondhand embarrassment"...

    "The second hand embarrassment"

    ...to people saying she "failed miserably."

    "I think you might have failed....miserably..."

    There was a lot of negativity!

    "camp looked back and was ready to throw hands @ u for wearing that ugly ass dress"

    Eventually, things changed, and the look was so NOT camp that it actually became CAMP.

    "so not camp that it is camp"

    Now, all the comments on the post are about how the look is legendary.

    "i will never forget this"

    All of that said, Karlie has finally commented on the look in a recent interview with Vogue:


    #KarlieKloss has no regrets about looking camp straight in the eye at the 2019 MetGala. In her recent episode of LifeInLooks, the model reflects on her iconic choice of words, and what she thinks of breaking the internet.

    ♬ original sound - Vogue

    "This was the Met Gala I think I broke the internet, but not in a good way," she started.

    Closeup of Karlie Kloss

    "I still get trolled about this look where I was looking camp straight in the eye. Honestly, I deserve that one," she finished.

    Closeup of Karlie Kloss

    Deserved it? Maybe! But it seems like she's embracing the moment!

    Closeup of Karlie Kloss

    After all, that was history!

    "history was made"