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Justin Bieber "Outraged" By New Coffee Lids, Tells A Random Girl He Would Leave Her In Her Hotel Room Alone

Ending off 2019 with a bang!

Justin Bieber has spent this year trying to sell his $9 million house on Instagram.

And falling off a unicycle.

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He's ending this year on a high note by attempting to start a coffee cup lid revolution of some sorts.

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So Justin Bieber is obviously Canadian. Canadians, if you didn't know, are kind of obsessed with Tim Hortons, which is a coffee shop.

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Canadians, I'm sure you'll have things to say about this in the comments. I've been to Tim Hortons a few times and, you know what? I enjoyed it.

Apparently Tim Hortons changed their coffee lids and Justin wasn't too happy about it.

The coffee lid picture was accompanied with a lengthy caption about how coffee would "come out better" from the old lid, and that the new lids are "uncomfortable on the mouth."

"It's a damn outrage and needs to be changed back," he said.


Tim Hortons responded with this:

Luckily for Justin, a few days later, he found his beloved "old lid."

But that's not all...

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On the original lid outrage post, Justin responded to a random girl, and I just thought it was pretty funny.

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She said:

And he said:

Happy 2020!

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H/t Comments By Celebs!

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