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Justin Bieber Ranked His Wife's Famous Friends, It Pissed Cara Delevingne Off, And Then She Called Him Out For Blocking Her

"He should have just eaten the bull penis."

There's drama.

Once upon Cara Delevingne and Justin Bieber were friends.

In 2011, Cara tweeted a pic calling him "so sweet."

In 2017, they even hung out at a hockey game together.

"Ha ha," they laughed and told stories together.

Then the Scooter Braun/Taylor Swift drama happened. Cara took her friend Taylor's side while Justin took his friend's Scooter side.

Justin's wife Hailey responded to an Instagram post defending Scooter with an iconic "gentleman." comment.

Cara replied to Justin's post and Hailey's comment with a defense of Taylor. "As a married man, you should be lifting women up instead of tearing them down because you are threatened," she said.

Fast forward to modern times, Justin was on the James Corden show and was asked to rank three of his wife's best friends: Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Gigi Hadid.

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If he chose not to do the ranking, he would have to eat bull penis. He did the ranking.

He ranked Kendal Jenner #1.

Gigi Hadid #2.

And Cara #3.

"I know Kendall the best. She's a good friend of ours. I haven't spent a lot of time with Gigi. And I haven't spent a lot of time with Cara. I have nothing against these people, I just have a better relationship with (Kendall)."

This apparently triggered some bad memories for Cara, so she reposted the clip on her Instagram with this message: "If you have nothing against me, then why don't you unblock me?"

Anna ou.

Soooo Justin, why is she blocked then?