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    Updated on Oct 28, 2019. Posted on Oct 23, 2019

    Justin Bieber Got A Very Large, Man-Sized Framed Photo Of Himself Wearing His Grill With His Wife At His Wedding

    That's a very big picture of a grill.

    Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married a month ago.

    The wedding was cool and rich.


    Speaking of rich things, Justin has a $25,000 grill.

    The grill makes multiple appearances on Justin's Instagram.

    He loves that grill so much so that he got a huge photo of himself wearing it at his wedding framed.

    This is that picture:

    Gice / Vasquez-Max Lopes / BACKGRID

    It's the size of a man.

    Gice / Vasquez-Max Lopes / BACKGRID

    A man-sized portrait of Justin Bieber showing off his grill.

    Gice / Vasquez-Max Lopes / BACKGRID

    To be young, rich, selling my house on Instagram, and have man-sized photos of my grill. Justin Bieber, you are living the dream.


    It's honestly kind of cute, I guess. I just need a nap.


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