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Jon And Kate Gosselin's Kids Are Now 18, And Here's What They're Up To Today

You are ancient.

First and foremost, nothing makes me feel more like old Rose lugging jewels over the S.S. Titanic explorer boat than people I think of as perpetual children turning into legit adults.

I first felt a taste of my own mortality when I discovered Sophia Grace of iconic duo "Rosie and Sophia Grace" was 19.

I felt truly elderly when I discovered that the Teen Moms now have teens of their own.

And now that the Gosselin kids are 18, I might as well throw in the towel.

For those who somehow avoided their late '00s pop culture domination, the Gosselins were the most popular family in America for a good 1- to 3-year time period.

Promotional photo for a 2-set DVD of Jon and Kate plus Eight of the entire family

Ruled by the *truly* legendary and iconic reverse-mullet-bob, Kate was the matriarch.

And then there was Jon. I don't really have much to say about him except that he's a DJ now.

The Gosselin sextuplets + twins Mady and Cara were everywhere.

The family on a morning show

And while I will always remember the kids as forever 3-year-olds, I have some news for you!

The sextuplets are 18 now.

Yup, 18.

Jon posted a happy 18th birthday message on his IG story.

So, because this is what we do here, let's check in on the fam.

First off, the twins, Cara and Mady.

They turned 21 late last year.

They also go to separate colleges.


she has amazon prime and i edit her photos. fair trade

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The sextuplets have a bit more of a lowkey profile.

Kate posts very sporadic updates about them.

Here's a pic of them celebrating their 15th birthday in 2019.

And in 2020, Kate celebrated their 16th birthday with a cereal party.

From last check-in, two of the sextuplets, Hannah and Collin, live with Jon. The other four live with Kate.

Jon posted an update about Hannah and Collin last year for their 17th birthday.

They got new cars.

Mady is pretty active on TikTok and posted a 'day in the life' featuring some of her siblings last summer.


repost bc the last video got taken down bc tiktok isn’t a pharb ig

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And lastly, here are some pics of Hannah celebrating her 18th in Miami at Dylan's Candy Bar.

She just launched her own Gosselin Girl beauty line.

And that's all, folks! Grab your jewels and see ya on the poop deck!

An elderly woman about to drop a very expensive jeweled necklace over the railing of the Titanic