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    Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Are Selling Their $17 Million Miami Mansion, And I Feel Like The Inside Is Very, Very Them

    So this is what $17 million gets you in Miami.

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner exude a very particular kind of celebrity "cool."

    Joe and Sophie on the red carpet, with her hand resting on his shoulder

    They definitely have a vibe going on.

    Joe and a pregnant Sophie walking on the street

    That vibe being an "upscale" human version of Urban Outfitters.

    Joe in a leather jacket and pants and Sophie in a short dress and lace tights

    Like, I'd love to have a Negroni with them!

    Joe and Sophie on the Met Gala red carpet

    Anyway, their massive Miami mansion is for sale, and yep, it's just as cool as they appear to be.

    Joe in a leather jacket and Sophie in a trench coat walking on the street

    The six-bedroom, nine-bathroom home is on sale for a paltry $17 million.

    The exterior of the house

    There's also a 94-foot private dock.

    Private dock with palm trees

    The living room is a mid-century modern masterpiece.

    The high-ceiling living room area with sectional plush sofa and piano and floor-to-ceiling windows

    The bathroom has plenty of windows for people to watch you from.

    A bathtub in a room with many large windows

    They have this lovely *little* deck.

    A large deck with rattan sofas, chairs, and tables

    The bedroom is simple and chic.

    A large bed in a sparely decorated bedroom

    Of course there's a chandelier that doubles as an art piece.

    Close-up of a multicolored spiral chandelier

    The kitchen is fully equipped.

    Large modern kitchen with large center island with chairs and stainless steel mega fridge

    I'm counting four ovens.

    Close-up of the ovens and fridge

    The dining room is perfectly matched with cool wallpaper and another cool chandelier.

    Round dining table with green-accent seats, paintings on the walls, and multi-light green chandelier

    Also, can we talk about those indoor plants?!

    Many plush plants surrounding a spiral staircase and stone wall paneling


    Close-up of plants underneath the staircase

    And, duh, there's a pool.

    Large sunken rectangular pool surrounded by palm trees

    So, yeah, if you have $17 million...I have the place for you to spend it!

    Close-up of Joe and Sophie with the caption, "We saw you from across the bar and we really dig your vibe"