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    Posted on Apr 5, 2017

    Zac Efron's New Wax Figure's Facial Hair Looks Like Pubes

    An investigation.

    *You just ran into someone on the street that you met last week that you never thought you'd ever see again voice*

    Oh hi there, look what we have here! How cool! There is a new Zac Efron wax figure in Madame Tussauds in Berlin.

    Anita Bugge / WireImage

    So fun!

    Anita Bugge / WireImage

    Very neat and festive!

    Anita Bugge / WireImage

    But zoom in on that woman's eyes and you can FEEL her uneasiness.

    Anita Bugge / WireImage

    She's looking at his face.

    Anita Bugge / WireImage

    Now zoom.

    Anita Bugge / WireImage


    Anita Bugge / WireImage

    That shit looks like pubes!

    So, I did what anyone does. I googled "pubes for facial hair" because I love knowledge and am a monster.

    The results were: Sad.

    Then I realized that I am a gross dumpster, so I Googled pictures of Joe Dirt because his facial hair reminded me that Zac Efron wax figure.

    Columbia Pictures

    And yeah, that's my journey. That's what I do on the internet.

    ~If your mustache looks like pubes~ ~shave it off my dudes~

    The end.

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