A Random Man Beat Joe Biden In The American Samoa Primary, And The Reaction Has Been Very, Very Funny

    Yeah, nobody saw this one coming.

    Super Tuesday was yesterday, and President Joe Biden won *just* about every Democratic primary.


    I say Biden won *just* about every primary because he lost one: American Samoa.

    Stylized map of American Samoa with gradient, above the territory's name

    By the whopping count of 51–40, Biden lost to some guy named Jason Palmer.

    According to results provided by the Democratic Party in American Samoa, Jason Palmer has won the American Samoa Democratic Caucus.

    Follow results here: https://t.co/EN1rgvRznL pic.twitter.com/N5DFS3IJNn

    — Decision Desk HQ (@DecisionDeskHQ) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @DecisionDeskHQ

    Yes, Jason Palmer, some man pretty much no one had ever heard of.

    BREAKING: Joe Biden loses the Democratic caucuses in American Samoa to Jason Palmer. pic.twitter.com/jlMnGvE8WJ

    — ALX 🇺🇸 (@alx) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @alx

    For those wondering, Palmer is an "entrepreneur" from Baltimore who entered the race in November.

    The American Dream needs a serious upgrade. I am entering the 2024 presidential race to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans. Together, we can rebuild the American Dream.https://t.co/fRkVZCd24u#palmerforpresident2024 #RebuildTheAmericanDream #presidentialrace pic.twitter.com/HTQWRhpvtc

    — Jason Palmer (@educationpalmer) November 10, 2023
    Twitter: @educationpalmer

    He told the AP that he had been campaigning remotely in American Samoa on Zoom calls.

    American Samoa needs a President dedicated to securing increased representation in the Government & access to federal funding. Vote for Jason Palmer on 3/5, & together we can provide overdue protections for the fishing industry, address the climate crisis, & more #Election2024 pic.twitter.com/PpMhihWVSx

    — Jason Palmer (@educationpalmer) March 1, 2024
    Twitter: @educationpalmer

    He also held meet and greets there.

    Washington D.C. is long overdue for a president who will be an advocate for American Samoa. The Meet & Greet in Malaeimi was a perfect way to learn more about what locals need the most. As a Democratic Candidate on the ballot, I’m here for the fight #AmericanSamoa #JasonPalmer pic.twitter.com/uDcZBTXG2r

    — Jason Palmer (@educationpalmer) March 4, 2024
    Twitter: @educationpalmer

    That was enough to capture 51 votes and the *astounding* victory.

    🤷🏾‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/szBxY5E1R5

    — Abby D. Phillip (@abbydphillip) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @abbydphillip

    If you remember, American Samoa voted for Michael Bloomberg in 2020, so it's somewhat their thing to vote for the most random candidate.

    American Samoa choosing the most irrelevant candidate in the Democratic primary every four years https://t.co/tk8sKz8Qyv pic.twitter.com/So8mXJKNEn

    — N8 (@NCirian) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @DecisionDeskHQ / Via Twitter: @NCirian

    "Gotta respect American Samoa just voting for whomever pays attention to them in a primary," this person said.

    Gotta respect American Samoa just voting for whomever pays attention to them in a primary. https://t.co/1nIYGTdZ4F

    — Ben Panko (@btpanko) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @DecisionDeskHQ / Via Twitter: @btpanko

    "I swear American Samoa just votes for the funniest candidate as a bit," another said.

    I swear America Samoa just all votes for the funniest candidate as a bit https://t.co/K43earJzNp

    — snek (@thee_snek) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @DecisionDeskHQ / Via Twitter: @thee_snek

    Needless to say, the posts have been very funny.

    The Jason Palmer delegates attending the DNC pic.twitter.com/YVATBW9dAE

    — Keith (@nagy_minaj) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @nagy_minaj

    And here are some of my favorites:

    jason palmer when he realized all the other candidates werent focusing on american samoa pic.twitter.com/Y3rd2u00mz

    — dalton (@indaltonwetrvst) March 6, 2024
    Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @indaltonwetrvst

    All of us googling who is Jason Palmer?

    — emily miller (@emilymiller) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @emilymiller

    jason palmer laying grassroots in american samoa for weeks while nobody noticed pic.twitter.com/ofTzvVGpMe

    — Atom_Heart_Mother (@Atom_M0ther) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @Atom_M0ther

    One theory is that Jason Palmer is just some guy on vacation w/ his family in American Samoa. Still unconfirmed https://t.co/7RYXBlQXma

    — Doug Andres (@DougAndres) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @DecisionDeskHQ / Via Twitter: @DougAndres

    I was tonight years old when I learned that Jason Palmer exists. https://t.co/C2kasvaeGT

    — David Darmofal (@david_darmofal) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @DecisionDeskHQ / Via Twitter: @david_darmofal

    JASON PALMER SWEEP 🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸 pic.twitter.com/RDmHr1CYhT

    — Di 🦖🦜 (@DiAmador4) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @DiAmador4

    Jason Palmer has won more presidential primaries than Ron DeSantis

    — Brayden 🇺🇦🇵🇸 (@leftistbrayden) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @leftistbrayden

    WHO IS JASON PALMER????? pic.twitter.com/mqxSXO4NV2

    — Keith (@nagy_minaj) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @nagy_minaj

    Who tf is Jason Palmer... although it is precious that American Samoa had 91 voters and 40 went to Biden pic.twitter.com/GFjh58IwV5

    — Reality Escape Artist (@essayjenkins) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @essayjenkins

    News rooms last night getting ready to write their "It's Joever for 2024 - Is Jason Palmer the new Democratic frontrunner?" pieces pic.twitter.com/qDLbqkmx2i

    — ǤᎥᖇᒪᔕ ꀭꐇꌚ꓅ աǟռռǟ ĦΔV€ ᖴᑌᑎᗪᗩᗰᗴᑎ丅ᗩᒪ ⦑human⦒ Rıɠɧɬʂ (@CeliaFateEsq) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @CeliaFateEsq

    And lastly...

    I don’t care where you stand politically this is hilarious! Who the heck is Jason Palmer?! #SuperTuesday2024 pic.twitter.com/QiAASJUIAt

    — Sara 🥩 (@1criticalmind1) March 6, 2024
    Twitter: @1criticalmind1