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    Jason Kelce's Daughter Hilariously Responded To His Shirtless Scream That Taylor Swift And Football Fans Were Obsessed With

    I mean, she's right.

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    Yesterday was Monday, which means my timeline was completely full of Taylor Swift at some random football game.

    Taylor Swift cheering with football fans

    The only difference was this time, my timeline was also full of someone else: Jason Kelce.

    ESPN/Twitter: @PHLEaglesNation

    Travis's brother ripped off his shirt and screamed like a wild man, and a meme was born.

    ESPN/ Twitter: @swiftbunnies
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    I personally agree with this person who said he's going to give a hell of a speech at Taylor/Travis's wedding because it's 100% true.

    ESPN/ Twitter: @_adamlondon

    Because the Kelce/Swifts are like America's Royal Family now, let's update everyone on the latest development.

    Jason Kelce with his wife, Kylie

    Jason shared a message from his mom showing how his daughter Ellie reacted to his shirtless moment:

    Twitter: @JasonKelce

    I mean, she didn't lie!

    "Ellie said 'Dads boobs are showing'"

    Now, let's see what happens in the box wherever they are next week. Valentine's Day is coming soon!

    Taylor and Jason watching the game with other fans


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