Jamie Lee Curtis's Reason For Skipping An Exclusive Oscars Dinner Is Going Viral

    She has a point.

    Jamie Lee Curtis seems to be everywhere at the moment.

    A closeup of Jamie smiling. She's wearing a plain top, a patterned jacket, and eyeglasses

    She is, after all, ~all of us~.

    And now, she seems to be having another ~all of us~ moment.*

    Jamie making a silly face at the camera at an awards show

    JLC told the Hollywood Reporter (via People) at the Independent Spirit Awards the reason why she wasn't attending a very *exclusive* dinner, and her response has gone somewhat viral.

    Jamie, with hot dog fingers, messing with fellow cast member Ke Huy Quan on the red carpet

    "There is a nominees dinner, an Academy Award nominees private dinner on Thursday night that starts at 7:30 p.m., and I have declined," she said.

    Jamie waving to the cameras on the red carpet

    "Now you might say, ‘Jamie, you’re nominated for an Academy Award, you’re going to be in the room with only nominees for the Academy Award, and I have declined.’ Why?"

    "Because mommy goes to bed early."

    “Because 7:30 p.m. is going to be 9 before we get food, and you know what? There is nothing good happening with me after 9 p.m. Nothing, zero!”

    Honestly, I hard agree. 7:30 does always turn to 9, and I need my damn food and time to unwind!!!

    Jamie doubled down on her early-to-bed mentality on Today and suggested that artists should do matinees for their concerts.

    "I would love to go see Coldplay. I would love it," she told Savannah and Hoda.

    "The problem is, I’m not going to see Coldplay if they start their show at 9:00 and there’s an opening act. I want to hear Coldplay at 1:00 p.m."

    And yep, once again, I have to agree. More early dinners and matinee concerts.

    Her mind is just too big.