7 Simple Summer Vacation Tips From Jack Nicholson

No one does summer like Jack Nicholson does summer. NO ONE.

1. Tip 1: Sunscreen.

2. Lots of sunscreen.

3. DON’T MISS A SPOT. You’ll regret it.

4. Tip 2: Free your mind,

5. stretch it out,

6. let it be.

7. Tip 3: ALWAYS do the sting ray shuffle.

8. Or else…

9. Tip 4: Bucket hats and Crocs. Don’t stress over the little things.

10. Tip 5: Seagulls will eat your food. Watch out for them.

11. Tip 6: Try out a new hairstyle.

A blowout, perhaps?

12. Tip 7: Don’t give a fuck.

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