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    21 Rihanna Clapbacks That Belong In The Museum Of Not Giving A Fuck

    "The audacity" - Rihanna and me anytime someone leaves a rude comment on her timeline and/or Instagram post.

    1. That time someone called her pregnant.

    2. That time MTV yelled at her for smoking weed.

    3. That time Rihanna eviscerated sorry Ciara.

    4. That time she screamed at some random person.

    5. That time she made fishy poom poom feel like a damn fool.

    6. That time someone called her a bitch and she agreed.

    7. That time she told the media off even before they got a chance to actually do so.

    8. That time someone was like "ur boobs are hanging out" and she was like "damn right."

    9. That time some piece of sh*t came for her hair.

    10. That time she told a sad director dude off.

    11. That time she told Joan Rivers off.

    12. That time someone said "fuck you" and she was like "OK."

    13. That time someone called her a crack head.

    14. That time someone mistook Twitter for an alter.

    15. That time Piers Morgan got called out for being an asshole.

    16. That time Jaree got called out for being an asshole.

    17. That time some website said she needed to "class it up" and she was like "yeah no, I'm all set."

    18. The time someone called her what she already knew.

    19. That time Rihanna told Kendall Jenner to stay home.

    20. That time someone came for the navy.

    21. And that time someone called her a "big time hoe."