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22 Ways To Make Everyone Who Works At Dunkin' Donuts Hate You

It's just that simple.

1. Do not understand what a latte is.

2. Bring up Starbucks.

3. Use Starbucks sizes.

4. Put the money on the counter.

5. Order a box of joe in the drive-thru.

6. Order donuts in the drive-thru.

7. Go to DD on National Donut Day.

8. Go to DD on free coffee day.

9. Order a black coffee with cream and sugar.

10. Don't use your eyes.

11. Be an asshole.

12. Be on the phone.

13. Complain about the cold.

14. Be dumb.

15. Like, really dumb.

16. Order, like, 100 gift cards.

17. Get a coffee that is basically cream and sugar.

They're judging you.

18. Go to Dunkin' with a tour group.

19. Go to Dunkin' when there's a soccer tournament in town.

20. Complain about the prices of DONUTS.

21. Crumple up those employee receipts right in front of the cashier.

22. In conclusion, just follow these rules and everything will be okay:

Big thanks to the Twitter account @DunkinProbs!